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    Swap image and transparency

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      I would really appreciate some help with an issue that I'm having with a swap image behavior.  I have several buttons on a page with a rollover effect.  All of those are working well.  I want to attach a swap image behavior as well.  I can get the swap image to occur, but the background of the image is not transparent even when I have saved it to an png32 with a transparent canvas.  I still get a white square background behind the image rather than a transparent one.  I have also made sure that the matte is transparent as well.  The image is eliptical and the square background is filled with white when the swap image is applied.  The square background should be transparent and appears to be so in my original image.  After it is applied to the swap image and viewed in a browser, it is white.  Can anyone tell me what I am doing incorrectly?  I have four layers in this final image, could this be an issue?


      Thanks so much for any help.


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