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    Save - PDF - Print (Scripting to do in one click)

    Andrew Sipe Level 1

      Hi, have a workflow question for you script-writing gods.


      Is it possible to create a script that will automate the process of saving a document, then saving a PDF of that document, then printing that document out?


      Right now my manual process is:


      Save the file

      Save the PDF (I have a custom preset PDF setting I use based on Smallest File Size, but with Crop Marks on, Information on, Document Bleed on)

      Then I print the document out (I use 1 of 3 possible presets, custom made based on the document.)


      If I need to set up 3 different scripts depending on the print out, that's fine, it would still simplify the process down to one click.


      I haven't done any scripting before, so I haven't a clue where to begin or if any of the above information is enough to get something started.


      Would love to hear any helpful feedback to get me started, at least.