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    Opening Adobe Reader PDF

    roderick colyer

      Four months ago I wrote that when I tried to open Adobe Reader PDF for any reason, Photoshop Elements 4 took over and Adobe Reader was opened in PE4.


      I was given advice toopen and check in a word document my file association and to "tell" the system to open in Adobe PDF format.  I did that but whenever I open Adobe PDF for any reason (the last occasion was to download my travel insurance from Insure and Go), PE4 opens and Adobe PDF has to be printed from inside that programme.  Nothing has changed.


      I want Adobe Reader PDF to open in its own format, and I want to stop Adobe Reader PDF being opened inside the PE4 programme.  How do I do it?


      I do not want to get rid of PE4 as I use it extensively for photography.  But I want it to stay with photos and stop opening for documents like my travel insurance.  Thank you.  Rod Colyer