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    Flowing Tables..!! Help!!

    samuel9294_newbie Level 1

      I cant seem to get my table to flow across pages when populated with data. basically, it s a table with five columns and ONE row (NOT multiple rows) and a header. The cells are of course made to be text fields. When populated with data, the table should expand and if necessary flow across pages as much as required according to the content. Ive been trying to get this to work properly without success. I know im missing something simple.


      Ive tried it with a single text field outside a table and it works like a charm. ive also tried it with a table with a single column and it works fine too. As soon as i add more columns it fails. dont know why.


      I do have the table wrapped in a subform, and have the allow page breaks selected for both the page and the table


      I would like to email the form to someone to see what im doing wrong


      Any help would be appreciated . thanks.