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    XML based slideshow, how do I fade?

      ok so I am just getting into actionscript, and I am trying to make a website for a photography site. This is a contract job, so I want the client to have to ability to just drag and drop new images into the images folder, and then the XML file reads that folder and just pulls images from it, so that he won't have to use flash everytime he wants to update it. So far I have made it so it pulls a new image up every 4 seconds. But here is the problem, I want to images to fade from one to another. I know I can use this code: whatever.alphaTo(100, 3, "easeInOutSine");
      I have attached my code. The effect that I am going for is this: I want the image to take 2 seconds to fade up, then hold for 3 seconds, and then take 2 seconds to fade out, but then the next image needs to start fading in after 1 second of fade out of the first image, so there is a nice smooth transition. I am guessing I need two setIntervals, one for the fades, and one for the hold, but I am kinda new to this so maybe some of the more experienced people can help me with this. Thanks in advance for any advice.

      - Ryan