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    Designing a Video Title menu need ActionScript help/guidance

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      Hi all,


      I consider myself a well versed professional in terms of design layout in Photoshop, to Iillustrator, and InDesign.  I have  just begun to pick up Flash cs3 and have had no problem laying out elements and so on.  I understand the timeline, since I do allot of video editingfrom FinalCut to AfterEffects.  However what is new and alien to me is ActionScripting I don't know what is best 2.0 or 3.0.  I have tried some tutorials in drop menus and so on.  yet I'm having issues across the board as to what process to build this video menu page.   (see photo below)

      The function of this menu is that you roll over a green title and a menu drops along side of it, then you roll your mouse courser over the sub menu and click on a sub menu title and a video starts.  I believe the functions to be easy and straight forward.  yet action script puzzles me.  is there a site for beginners or tutorials in just menus like this i could copy and use while i pick up action script whatever. or if anyone has simple code ideas to put or drop in said Key Frames or Layers (see photo below)


      any help guidance would be soooo appreciated.




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      menu screen rough2A.jpg