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    Needing 3 identical SD editing workstations.


      In short, I'm in need of three SD editors that can share assets for under $15K.


      I work for a government video department and budget is tighter than it's ever been.  Unfortunately, our editors are dying.  We currently have 3 of varying ages all running different hardware and version of Premiere going back up to 8 years with our newest one being over 3 years old.  I'm looking to replace all 3 for around $15K, but the cheaper the better.  Our best editor is running an Intel Xeon 3.4gz with 3GB RAM and a Matrox Axio.  Just need something that performs as good or close.


      We are still only analog SD, and will be for at least another 3-5 years, so no need for an HD solution yet.  That said, if possible we would love to run CS5, but if the hardware requirements and latest software put us over budget we'd be OK with CS2 (the lastest we use now) workstations if it would buy us a couple years until budget comes back.


      They must work off shared storage so that anyone can jump on any workstation and work on a project.  Our IT department can provide us with plenty of Network storage, but even though our Network is fast I'm not sure if performance will be sufficient, especially if 2 users are using the same files simultaneously.  Do we need a specialzed storage server, or will regular Network storage do?


      I've seen the thread on build specs that fit the budget, but with SD in mind are todays 3D accelerator video cards like the GTX-470 as good for editing SD in Premiere as Matrox Cards like RTX2 or Axio?  I know 3D accelorator cards help in After Effects, but we really only use AE 5% of the time, and Premiere 95%.


      We're really not high end editors, so as long as we can edit in SD with a few render-free layers we're happy.  At least for now.





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Look at this guide: Adobe Forums: What PC to build? The budget line would suffice for SD work, but a more future proof solution is the economical version.


          Networking is OK for storage, but too slow for editing and Adobe does not like networking at all, so you can use NAS/SAN solutions for storage, you have to transfer the files to local storage for editing.


          You can't have two or three editors editing the same material at the same time. Adobe has no way to know what edits are the most recent, what updates have been applied by others and when to update, etc.