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    Classic and motion tween

    nick2price Level 1

      Just wondering, if i create a tutorial on motion tweening, is it wrong to use a classic tween.  Or are these two things essentially the same thing?  Or should I call my tutorial classic tweening instead of motion tweening?



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          carl schooff Level 3

          it depends on which method you use as both are different.


          unfortunately the geniuses at adobe decided to take something that was called a "motion tween" for over 10 years and then rename it "classic tween" and create something totally new and name it "motion tween". I can't fathom the thought process over there sometimes.


          now every book and tutorial out there that mentions "motion tweens" totally screws up anybody starting to learn with a different version.


          they should have just called it an object tween and saved the world the trouble.