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    AMD Phenom II's and CS5 Premeire


      I'm still using Premiere Pro 2 and I'm thinking of finally upgrading.  Now I know everyone recommends Core i7 systems, but the only reasons I've seen for these recommendations always seem to involve encode times.  I really don't mind waiting longer for things to render.  As long as playback and scrubbing is smooth while editing, and I can use at least 4 or 5 layers at once, that's all that matters to me.  So my question is this:  would a Phenom II 940 system with a gtx 260 using the hack to unlock the cuda acceleration run smoothly enough during the editing process in CS5?  Would it really be significantly worse than an i7 for scrubbing, playback and such?  Would CS4 be a better choice for me?  Also, my camera only shoots 1080i, so I wouldn't be editing 1080p footage.