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    The Auto Enhancer...

    CruelRhetoric Level 1

      I was reading Steve's topic 'HOW CAN I TURN OFF BACKGROUND FEATURES IN PREMIERE ELEMENTS' and just wanted to see if anyone has any problems with the auto enhancer being turned off?  I love my pre-render but my system I fear is too slow for it. LOol, but the auto enhancer seems to be something that I would like to hear expressed views about before I disable it...  I would hate to loose quality at any rate... sooooo let me know your experiences please, and thank you.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Auto Enhancer (which Adobe now calls Smart Fix) is something I turn off and never  use.


          But that's just me. I don't use anything automatic.


          It seems to do a decent job correcting brightness and contrast and stabilizing the picture -- but that's all stuff I prefer to do on my own. The vast majority of my video looks pretty darn good coming off my camcorder, so I just don't see much sense in doing extra tweaking of the picture unless quality is a real issue.

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            CruelRhetoric Level 1

            I haven't seen much difference myself, being that I use a tripod and I am usually outside with great lighting... but when the off season comes around and I do more projects inside, it will be worth knowing which setting to use....  Steve you're a power user man!  If I even tried to do all that myself the end result might not be pretty... LOol