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    Sending a message to only one peer after NetGroup receive


      Hi Folks,


      I'm learning stratus and NetGroup to develop a P2P application that shares xml file between thousands of users.

      After a search by string over peers the user will receive xml files containing the searched string.


      So, see How I think it will work:


      1- An initial peer do a search by string over a NetGroup

      2 - A second peer receive that broadcasted message from initial peer

      3 - The second peer will verify if it has one or more xml files containing that message (search string)

      4 - If the second peer find one ore more xml files, a NetStream will be created to send the xml files to the peer who made the search

      5 - The initial peer will receive the xml files from all the peers who have xml files containing the search string.



      As you can see there are broadcast and Unicast communication (correct me if i'm wrong).

      So, using Stratus and NetGroup is necessary to create a NetStream to send a unicast message as I did above ?


      Thanks and sorry my english =D