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    unexpected 'About Blank' pages


      I am creating a demo/training file to demonstrate how to download files form another website. I Am very happy C3 offers 2 recordings at the same time. But ....

      - When recording 'scrolling down' using the scrollbar the recording loops at 100% processor time for quite a while
      - When i am recording a download action through a link to the download page i get an extra 'about blank' webpage. In C2 that did not happen.

      Anyone a clue?
      Thanks in advance.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          What you are seeing with the scrollbar can be avoided by clicking on the scroll elevator bar to move down. That would eliminate the full-motion capture and result in a smoother transition for you.

          The extra blank web-page capture is a function of Captivate's screen capture working faster than the page is rendering. It is dependent on the bandwidth you have available, more than any other factor. I advise you supplement the auto-record features with appropriate manual captures (press the PRTSCR keyboard key) at any time you think the auto-record might have missed something. In addition to the "camera" sound, you can tell when a capture takes place by watching the recording icon on the Taskbar ... it will flash "red" each time a screen-background-capture is taken.

          HTH and welcome to the forums, Hans_NL!!
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            Hans_NL Level 1
            Hello Larry,

            Thank you for this tip and thye welcome!

            I havent had the problem using C2.... Does multiple recording demand more RAM and better CPU?
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi Hans_NL,
              If you mean - by "multiple recording" - the feature of Captivate 3 that allows a Simulation and a Demonstration to be created from a single recording, it didn't seem to me during beta that my system was being strained any more than recording with Captivate 2, perhaps even less.
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                Hans_NL Level 1
                Hi Larry,

                Yes, that is the feature i meant.
                Thanks for the answer. I will try it out on a new pc as well.

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                  Hans_NL Level 1
                  Hi Larry,

                  I did some more testing, since the problem was not fixed yet. I still 'keep' an extra button on my taskbar with an IE7 windows containing .. nothing. The famous 'about blank' page is very annoying, since it stays 'nice and firm' on the taskbar and confuses the demo. It comes up while 'taping' a download action on an external webpage. I did the ultimate challege, taped the same demo in Firefox and .. no problem. So it appears to be a problem caused by IE7. Maybe this info can bring my problem into a new perspective?

                  Thanks for your support,
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                    I'm Also receiving blank pages titled "Blank Page". Im running online software through a IE browsers and can not get the pop up windows to show. When Captivate is off and I reload the page and launch the POP-up, I can see the Pop up content. But when Captivate is on I get a Blank Window with "About:Blank". The parent window then shows a "Error on Page" message. Please Help! Im making a demo CD to showcase how to use this membership online site.