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    How to make flash not export any part of a layer that extends beyond the size of the document?

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      Hey guys,


      I am pretty new to flash and am trying to export my file for the web, but I am have one large problem....


      Within my flash file, some of the layers/objects go off of the sides of the document as I want them to. When I play the file within the test movie function within flash, the file plays fine and none of the layers that extend of the document cause problems(the samething happens when I play it in flash player). But when I open the file in a web broswer the layers that extended off the edges of the document show up. Is there anyway to get rid of this without having to redo the whole file? (ie, crop around the main document size, or set it to export only everything within the document and nothing that extends off of it?) Thanks for any help you can provide.