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    How to convert pixel aspect ratio en masse?

    freethedata Level 1

      I have a Samsung SD digital video camcorder which records in AVC codec.  It has an option to record in 16:9 widescreen, which I use.  The images are then recorded to a file of 720x480 pixels.  When played back in Quicktime or Adobe, the widescreen image is squeezed into a 4:3 frame (I assume the image squeezing was done in camera.)


      I want to burn these files to DVD disc in Premier Elements 8.  I selected NTSC DV widescreen as the export mode, and that gave me a 1.2021 pixel ratio for the project.  Still I got a squeezed picture with sidebars on the HD TV (the DVD playback was set to widescreen mode).  (Apparently, the Adobe widescreen mode squeezes a wide image to fit in a 4:3 frame, while normal letterboxes it within the frame.)  I see now that first I have to convert the pixel aspect ratio of the source from the default of 0.9091 to 1.2021.  I know I can go to the Project sub-menu of the Organize menu in the Create Project screen of Premier, right click on each file, then "interpret footage", then change the ratio.  But it is entirely too time consuming to do this file-by-file.  I tried to click on a group of files using <Shift>+Click, but the computer quickly ran out of memory processing a group of files.  So I found the file, Interpretation Rules.txt, and changed the ratio for 720x480 frame files.  But this is a read-only file, so I can't save the changes.  Besides, it does not appear as though Premier Elements is assessing this file, since there the default value for 720x480 size files evaluates to "0.9", but Premier is using "0.9091".  How else can I convert pixel aspects?


      As a workaround, I selected NTSC normal as the export mode, retained the wide mode on the DVD playback, and zoomed the image on the TV.   This gave me full screen video in 16:9 aspect ratio, but resolution suffers (since the frame is fulled with letterbox bars rather than image data.)


      So does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to easily get full resolution SD 16:9 video from Premier exports?