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    multiple projects sharing one MXML file?


      I want to build two projects from a single MXML source.  I'm using config::xxxxxxx compiler parameters

      to produce different behaviors in the two apps.  Also, I'm using Eclipse on OS X.


      So this is what I did, basically.


      1.  Start with project A, which builds and runs fine.  It's in /Workspace/A.

      2.  Make a copy of that and call it Project B.  it's in /Workspace/B.

      3.  In B, remove the MXML file and replace it with a link to A's MXML file,

               which is /Workspace/A/src/a.mxml.

      4.  Build B.  This succeeds and appears to be building fine.


      But, the output is in the wrong place.  The files, instead of being put in

      /Workspace/B/bin-debug, they are in /Workspace/B/bin-debug/Workspace/A/src.


      Can someone help me who has done this before?  Thanks.