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    Hypatia Sans Pro Font - Version 2.016

    Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I was offered the new Hypatia Sans Pro font as free gift with a recent CS4/5 suite upgrade. The font set does not include the six italic fonts, which are now available separately for $55. On checking the package readme file I see that the font set is now at version 2.016 (circa 2010/01/12), but the font set I was offered for free download is version 1.009 (2008/02/25. My question is 1) should I have been offered the available 2.016 version font set (with or without Italic fonts)? I was ready to purchase the Italic set for $55, but concerned there may be visible differences between the v1.009 Roman font set I have now and the newer 2.016 Italic set.

      Any suggestions or ideas? I feel Adobe owes me at least a complete v2.016 font set for my $55, given it was available at the time of the “free gift” offer.

      Revision History - Post v1.009

      For all fonts of family Hypatia Sans Pro: version 2.016 created on Tue Jan 12 15:33:34 2010.

      version 2.016 created 2010/01/12

      Fixed f-ligature cross bars in all fonts.
      Corrected missing cedilla on uni0162, 0163, 0162.c, 0163.c, 0162.a
      (Tcedilla, tcedilla, and alternates).


      version 2.015 created 2009/12/14

      Fixed 'lacute.sans' in italic fonts.
      Added missing glyphs to 'smcp' feature.


      version 2.013 created 2009/11/25

      Corrected incorrect allignment zones in the Italic VFB source. This
      should be reflected within the fonts.
      Corrected several problems in the GOADB that resulted in incorrect
      glyph names.
      Fixed some outline glitches in both the Roman and the Italics.


      version 2.012 created 2009/11/23

      Corrected font menu names in name table for Mac platform names. Name
      ID's 1,2 16 and 17 are now written following the same rules as the
      Windows platform names. Previous releases put the Preferred Name
      and Style in Mac platform name ID 1 and 2, and did not write name ID
      16 and 17, for legacy issues with old Mac OS versions.
      Added Windows platform name ID 8 - Manufacturer.


      version 2.002 created 2009/11/16

      First submission of Hypatia Roman and Italic fonts together as a full family. This version of the fonts brings them up to the AL4 specification and the corresponding AC3 specification

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          JohnEHoffman Level 1

          I have never seen any offer of Hypatia Sans with an upgrade to CS5. The only font offered as a registration premium with CS5, so far as I am aware, is the Adobe Text font by Robert Slimbach.


          Hypatia Sans was the font offered as a registration premium with CS3, some three years ago, and that is why the version offered was the one that was current when that offer was made. In any event, according to Adobe, the only changes since then have been minor changes to a very few glyphs.  Adobe is offering the italics of Hypatia Sans at a special price for those who obtained Hypatia Sans (roman) as a CS3 registration premium. Thus, you should have to problem using the new italic fonts with the roman fonts issued some 3 years ago. You have the same version of Hypatia Sans Pro as does everyone else to whom the $55 offer was made.


          It would be nice if  Adobe gave the updated 2.016 version to everyone who (a) bought CS3 and elected Hypatia Sans Pro as their registration premium, and (b) now buys the italics for $55, but I suspect trying to do that would be an administrative nightmare for them.

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            Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            John, thank you for your reply and feedback.  All I can tell you is that I purchased an upgrade to CS4 Design Standard, and then the free upgrade to CS5, all about two months ago. Shortly after I registered the product I received an email with the a free gift offer for Lynda.com 30-day trial, Hypatia Sans Pro font, and something else. I also received the same email a second time weeks later, and then chose the Lynda.com offer. So no this was not years ago on a CS3 purchase, but just two months ago!


            It still begs the question why the link in this recent email was for download of the old 2008 font version. Perhaps Adobe forgot to refresh the offer link or its content. Doesn't that make sense? I'm not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, but as a 40-year veteran of the computer technology industry I think somebody at Adobe goofed.

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              JohnEHoffman Level 1

              My confirmation offer offered the Lynda.com 30-day trial as one choice, the

              new Adobe Text font as another, and a couple of other choices. The Hypatia

              Sans font was NOT among the offers


              I chose the Adobe Text font. It looks somewhat like a cross between Adobe

              Garamond and Sabon. I haven't used Adobe Text yet, but will likely start

              using it in correspondence. I think Robert Slimbach is likely the top living

              designer of text fonts.


              I chose Hypatia Sans as my registration premium three years ago when I

              bought CS3, but I'll confess that I've never used that font because most of

              my work is text--I am a lawyer, not a designer. As a result, I rarely use

              sans serif fonts.


              If you chose the Lynda.com offer, how did you get the Hypatia font as well?

              If you got both, you REALLY have nothing to complain about. Maybe Adobe will

              give you the current version of Hypatia if it goofed on your offer. Whether

              or not Adobe gives you the current version of Hypatia Sans probably will

              make no practical difference to you anyway. If you look at the release notes

              for the various versions of Hypatia, you'll see that the changes are few and

              very minor.And the more important question is whether you find the

              improvements in Photoshop, etc., worth the money. As someone whose masking

              skills were only mediocre, the new masking tools and content aware fill

              features in Photoshop wil save me enormous amounts of time when I do

              projects that require touching up photos.



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                Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you chose the Lynda.com offer, how did you get the Hypatia font as well? If you got both, you REALLY have nothing to complain about.


                Agreed! I do marketing materials and technical douments for a computer technology company. I've been using plain old Arial font for its simplicity and ease of reading, with some special fonts for heading titles, section listings, etc. The Hypatia Sans Pro is a nice conservative change-up with a little more flair, but still easy to read on paper and screen (i.e. specification tables). It will be interesting to see what (if any) feedback I get from others in the company and from the field. Today, even us techno-geeks are getting trendy about how things look – No, more nerd packs please!

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                  cpattersonv1 Level 1

                  I registered all of the serial numbers off of the back of my CS5 Master Suite pack, and one of them fired off a Registration Benefit that included Hypatia (I want to say it was Production Premium) the others, Acrobat Pro, and CS5 Master both offered Sanvito and Adobe Text respectively. I wish the free version included the Italics at least. Also I was surprised they decided not to include Acrobat X with the Master Suite. I already have a copy of Acrobat 9 from when I upgraded to CS4.

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                    JohnEHoffman Level 1



                    I'm not an expert on what fonts are offered with which package, and I've

                    never purchased the Master Suite. However, I have read that Hypatia Sans was

                    offered as a regitration premium with CS3, Sanvito with CS4, and Adobe Text

                    with CS5. That's what I got when I bought the Design Premium versions of

                    those suites. If you were able to get Sanvito and Hypatia Snas with CS5, you

                    are getting more than Adobe promises in its literature that I have seen. If

                    you look at the Registration benefit pages you received after registering,

                    I'll bet that the one for Hypatia Sans references CS3 and the one for

                    Sanvito references CS4. If so, the downloads will be what was provided with

                    those packages.


                    I have never used Sanvito or Hypatia Sans even once. Neither seem

                    appropriate for my work for which I mostly use text fonts, I have used Adobe

                    Type and expect to do so frequently.


                    I got Acrobat 9 with my Design Premium CS5 package. I presume one only gets

                    Acrobat X if one buys Acrobat X or one of the new packages that include it

                    since Acrobat X was not released until several months after the CS5 suites



                    I doubt that Adobe will be receptive to providing more fonts than it

                    promises in its promotional material. Nonetheless this is only my guess.

                    Adobe is the final arbiter.


                    At the very least, I expect you'll enjoy the content-aware fill and

                    content-aware masking in Photoshop CS5. They have allowed me to do many

                    things much better than I could before.

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                      cpattersonv1 Level 1

                      Right, I originally downloaded the limited Hypatia with CS3. I was corroborating what the original poster had said about the font versions.


                      When you register multiple products you're provided with multiple registration incentives (depending on the products you've registered). I was hopeful after reading this: http://blogs.adobe.com/typblography/2007/04/hypatia_sans.html ; that Adobe might be including the full version of Hypatia with the new releases since I've had that particular incentive come up in the registration benefits several times since CS3. I had been getting the same incentives after CS3 until recently. Unfortunately the free typeface (if you get a link) still appears to be the limited edition.


                      I spent time on the chat today with support because I received a couple of links stating that if I registered for my incentive I could download something else only to get thrown out to a Thank You page after completing the form again. At the bottom of the form the support representative sent there was a link that said "Skip this step and collect your benefit" which I had not previously seen. I threw out my email with the Hypatia Sans link the day before I read the article about the Italic versions of the Hypatia font.


                      About the release dates:

                      I was under the impression that the "Master Suite" was the latest versions of the programs, not some prepackaged set. When the Creative Suites first came out, I knew of people who had received different versions of particular apps (eg. Acrobat 6 vs Acrobat 7) based on their purchase date. (I think one of them had purchased their version directly from Adobe, and the other from a third party... something Mall.) I remember receiving a second upgrade CD for the new version of Acrobat at work because we had purchased CS1 after the release of the next version of Acrobat.


                      I was looking forward to Acrobat X which is why I held out on buying CS5 only to find out it wasn't included. It seems that we were spoiled in the past with customer service. Hopefully they'll not do what they did a few years ago and offer a half version to people who wait a little longer. That was sort of a bummer when I bought CS3 then a few months later 3.3 came out with all of the extra programs and the upgrade to the next Acrobat. I still feel a little ripped off because I received Acrobat 9 with CS4 and now CS5 so have two versions of the same app for one machine.

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                        JohnEHoffman Level 1

                        I too was disappointed that CS5 came with Acrobat 9, as did CS4, rather than

                        with a new version of Acrobat. However, as a retired lawyer, I always advise

                        friends to look at a vendor's specifications rather than buying based on

                        what they anticipate might be included. Even today, the specs for CS5 Master

                        Collection clearly say that the package comes with Acrobat 9 Pro. There is

                        an Acrobat X Suite, but the only major applications it includes are

                        Photoshop and Acrobat.


                        I was disappointed that CS4 includes fewer Western fonts than CS3 did, and

                        that CS5 includes fewer than CS4 did -- and that most of the fonts that do

                        come with CS5 are repeats of the ones that came with CS3 and CS4. However,

                        to Adobe's credit, they were up front with which fonts came with which

                        applications in each of the Suites. Thus,I knew what I'd be getting--and not

                        getting--before I bought, even though I had hoped before looking at the

                        specs that more new-to-me fonts would be included.


                        The bottom line is that the lack of the italics is irrelevant if you don't

                        use Hypatia Sans anyway. If you plan to use Hypatia frequently, Adobe's $55

                        charge for the 6 italic fonts is both reasonable and a tiny part of your

                        overall costs. It's the cost of the things that I buy and then don't use

                        that hurts.

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                          valray123 Level 1

                          I recently upgraded to CS5 Design Premium and was offered: "Free download of Adobe Hypatia™ Sans font: These unique and stylish fonts offer extensive language support and take advantage of stylistic sets (supported in CS3 software). Get them for free (a US$169 value)."

                          I googled the name to see the typeface and that's how I found this thread. I would have assumed, had I not found this, that I was getting all weights, roman and italic. I think it's still a good freebie but a bit misleading. And you have to commit to your choice before you see exactly what you're getting.

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                            shelterpetsarebest Level 1

                            I just purchased CS 5 Design Premium and got a registration benefits email that offered a choice of:


                            Free 30-day subscription to Lynda.com Online Training Library
                            40% Off Acrobat 9 books from Peachpit
                            Free 15-day trial to Safari Books Online
                            Free download of Adobe Hypatia Sans font (a US $169 value)


                            Based on the claimed value for the font, If I had not found this thread I would have assumed the font offered for download was complete typeface package, not a limited version.


                            I haven't made my choice yet, but I'm wondering why the fine print says, among other things, "Offer valid with registration of select products only, purchased between June 2, 2008 and December 31, 2009." even though it's now a year and half after the offer expiration date...!

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                              JohnEHoffman Level 1

                              Contact Adobe. Somehow you got the wrong offer. Hypatia Sans was offered

                              with CS3 or CS4. The correct premium for CS5 is Adobe Text, a very nice font

                              that looks like a cross between Adobe Garamond and Sabon. I took the Adobe

                              Text font offer and suggest you do so if you use text fonts in your work.