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    How Do I clear Flash Cache?


      I use xp with windows 2000 and firefox.


      This is used for facebook games and have been advised to clear the Flash cache. Found the page with the information on it but it doesn't make sense where to start the process.


      Your help is greatly appreciated (simple english please)





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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          clear your brower's cache -  tools/clear recent history, check cache and click clear.

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            I dont think your on the right page. He is talking about the "Flash Cache" not his "browser cache". To go about clearing the "Flash cache". First off, the globial setting, is the only way I know of, to clear the "flash cache".To do that, I had to go to adobe, then to the "Globial settings".Which will look just like the reg. flash setting with the exception that there are two or three extra tabs to chose from. Now I can't remember if it was the far right tab or the one next to it. 90% sure it's the far right tab. thats the one you need to "delete all" or "clear all". then you restart your broswer. And yes you will see improvment in your facebook games, Gardens of Time,Empires and Allies, Backyard Monsters. Hope this was more helpful than harm.