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    Parallel Effects, but on multiple objects?

      I'm essentially trying to figure out how to have two object animate at the same time. My effects and parallel object are dynamically created in AS3...

      private function slider(_target1:mx.core.Container, _target2:mx.core.Container):void{
      var slideEffectOut:mx.effects.Move = new Move(_target1);
      slideEffectOut.xBy = -320;
      slideEffectOut.duration = 500;
      var slideEffectIn:mx.effects.Move = new Move(_target2);
      slideEffectIn.xFrom = 321;
      slideEffectIn.xTo = 0;
      slideEffectIn.duration = 500;
      var slideParallelEffect = new mx.effects.Parallel();

      I'm trying to use this on two ViewStack children. One slides off while the other slides on, but ever since I moved all of this into a function I don't see the effects nor do I get an error.