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    RTMFPTURNProxy function


      Sorry for my double post in the forum segment. This looks the right place for my question


      For nat traversal i`m setting up a TURN Proxy. After setting this up users behind a NAT can use the stratus flas video/chat communication.


      My question is where to put the line RTMFPTURNProxy=ip-addr.


      Can i set this rule in my website so that when the users visit my web application the go trough the TURN proxy?


      When i search for info on this matter al i can i find is that you have to put this rule in the mms.cfg on the client. This would be a problem if a have to do this with each visitor on my website.


      Hope someone can answere my question.

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          the RTMFPTURNProxy=addr/hostname goes in your mms.cfg file.  that's Flash Player's system-wide config file.  on Macintosh, that's located at /Library/Application Support/Macromedia/mms.cfg.  on Windows, it's C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MACROMED\FLASH\MMS.CFG (i think).


          note that Flash Player only supports IETF BEHAVE TURN draft 8, not the current TURN RFC.

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            remoteitservices Level 1

            Thanks for your response.


            Hmm,,,,,, That means that everyone who will visit my site have to put this line in to his mms.cfg. If he`s behind a NAT/Firewall


            I will setup my own Flas Media Server with RED5 then. Thanks

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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              RTMFP should be able to work through most NATs and firewalls that allow its traffic in the first place.  a TURN proxy is really only expected to be used in situations where an IT department completely blocks UDP communication through the firewall except for controlled communication through a choke point.

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                     i think the the answer is not enough. the question was is there an easy way to communicate with stratus for end user who has problems with firewalls. as i see there is not.

                     We are on a flash based online game project running under facebook. we use stratus for comminication. now we start testing and we see that 10 of 7 user can login other 3 users, we have tested with http://cc.rtmfp.net/. "source UDP port number is preserved from original connection" is red "NO".

                     i search for this about 3 days and found nothing. now i guess we can not use stratus because facebook endusers gets bored easily and doesn't mess with searching mms.cfg and write proxy line.

                     also i can't find mms.cfg in windows7.


                finally i want to stratus is easy to learn and use, i think it was a good for online games using flash.this problem must be solved.



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                  Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

                  the "source UDP port number is preserved from original connection: NO" indicates symmetric NAT.  most people with symmetric NAT should be able to connect to Stratus, but will have difficulty making P2P connections with peers who are behind many kinds of NATs/firewalls.


                  you can run your own RTMP server (such as FMS) to relay traffic that can't flow peer-to-peer.  this will always be necessary to get to 100% coverage for your users.  you can control from ActionScript when it's time to switch to RTMP (either the connection to Stratus doesn't work or the P2P connection doesn't work).


                  you should be able to use P2P in the majority of cases, which can decrease the cost of your service and improve its scalability.

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                    zafer76 Level 1

                    thanks for quick answer


                    i dont understand the exact reason but i will try rtmp as you said.

                    i hope next FMS release has a better solution for this problem.


                    one more question: if i dont have mms.cfg file what sould i do. do i need to create it?



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                      remoteitservices Level 1

                      You can install red5 easily. Follow the steps on :


                      First install centos server (very easy for beginners) : http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-centos-5.5-x86_64-ispconfig-2


                      Follow the steps till page 3. From here you can stop. On page 4 you have to install mysql and if yo`ve done that you are ready to install red5 server.


                      Install red5 server with this manual : http://googolflex.com/?p=551


                      You can use the red5 server as a fallback server for the clients that can`t connect.

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                        I think the best way is stratus can solve this problem completely.

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                          remoteitservices Level 1

                          This is not easy to solve for Adobe. They build the RTMFP protocol based on a huge load of returning udp ports (P2P) So the only way is to build a fallback server for 100% coverage for your users. This is the reason why Stratus will be a forever Beta

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                            remoteitservices Level 1

                            I am a lot further in making it all work.


                            I have a red5 server listening on port 80 as a fallback rtmp server in case the RTMFP (p2p) connection fails due to firewalls/Nat`s.


                            The only problem that i still have is users behind a Squid proxy.


                            I am a network administrator and all of my clients go to the internet by connecting the Squid Proxy om port 8080


                            Now flash tries to connect stratus first and then my red5 server on port 1935, 443, 80.


                            The problem is my proxys are listening at port 8080


                            The client goes to my site and in my site there`s a URL wich i can edit but the traffic from the proxy to my red5 server will go through port 80


                            How can i without editing mms.cfg files of the clients (Don`t want to bother a 100 users) let flash use the proxy setting from the browser.


                            My proxy servers are without authentication.


                            Hope someone can have a look at this.


                            It`s freaking me out.