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    CP5: Player does not wait until klick (ignores click box)

    Tom Tantalus Level 1

      I have created a project with a single slide. My intention is to show 2 buttons (a.pdf and b.pdf) until the user clicks "next".


      The slide contains 2 text captions each of them with an overlaying click box for opening different urls (say a.pdf and b.pdf).


      In addition there is a text button "next" with the "action on success" "go to next slide", timing is "until end of slide", enter after 0 sec., no stop.


      When the slide is played it does not wait at any time for the user to click "next" (thus allowing to click the one or other of the pdf-buttons whenever the user wants), instead it is simply leaving an empty screen. Only when during the playing one of the buttons is clicked, then the player stops.


      Please tell me what I probably must change to make the player stop.