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    How to build news box

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      Hi all,

      I would like to implement something what I called "News Box". In this news box, an array collection would be retrieved from the
      database through the RemoteObject call. So far, no problems with the calling and the retrieving process. But the problem is centered in how to display the news.

      Yes it would be easy if we through it directly into DataGrid, but I would like to display them more likely to how Picnik did.
      Displaying the news one by one with some sort of effect (entering the box by fade effect and disappearing with the same effect).

      I am thinking right about creating Label object for each news, added to the box as a child, and play the effect on it and using the
      Timer to flip between the news items. But before I start, I would like to share with the ideas of how could we implement something like this. And I hope you join me with this.