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    Video is "flipped"

    jcastelain Level 1

      Hi all,

      I'm using the open source media framework to display two videos : a "webcam recording" and a "screen recording"

      I'm using a MediaContainer to display both those videos. However, I run into a weird issue,

      If I display the webcam recording in both of the MediaContainers, one of them is "flipped"


      Any ideas why this could happen?



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          Could you share your sample code to demonstrate this?



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            jcastelain Level 1

            Hi Ryan,


            I found out what the issue was, and the good news is that it's not an OSMF issue ...

            I was using the mx.managers.PopUpManager to display my MediaContainerUIComponent (that displays the VideoElement) on the Stage.

            If I use addChild / addElement instead of using the PopUpManager, the video isn't "flipped" anymore.


            I suggest anyone interested to test this and to tell me what they think ... Should we consider this as a Flex bug?


            Anyway thanks again for the quick reply, and promissed next time I'll try to search more before posting so fast