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    Unsupported or Damaged SWF




      The other topics about this seemed to be different to my own problem, so I think I need to start a new topic.


      For my After Effects project (CS4) I use SWF files instead of image sequences or MOV files etc. Leading up until now, I've had few problems with them, but as the project has built, I've encountered a problem, where every time I open the project, I'm met with around 20 error messages regarding a section of my SWF files, saying that they are unsupported or damaged. I see them in my SWF folder in the AE project, and they are disconnected, and typically all it takes is for me to replace the file and it reconnects them. I'm also required to purge the video and image files before I can access certain things.


      Just looking to see what it could be related to and possible ways around it.