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    Any way to maximize a MIAW without using maximize()?

    Applied CD Level 1
      I’ve got a MIAW that I need to maximize which may or may not have the window title bar and frame visible. I don’t want to use windowObj.maximize() because the maximize() method doesn’t handle multiple monitors correctly (it always targets the primary, even if the stage and/or MIAW is on another monitor) windowObj.rect = _system.deskTopRectList[findMonitor()] works fine if the title bar isn’t visible (see below for my findMonitor() code). Subtracting windowObj.rect (in the normal state with title bar visible) from Buddy API’s baWindowInfo() might give me the size of the frame and title bar, then I could work out the maximized windowObj.rect, but it sounds like a lot of work … anyone know an easier way?