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    bytesLoaded and bytesTotal return 0 with dynamic streaming


      When running the my OSMFPlayer from FB4 (playing logo_animated.flv), the bytesTotal stays at 3167384, and bytesLoaded starts around 1100000 and quickly goes up to 3167384, which I think makes sense.


      When running from my Linux server environment and using an http dynamic stream, both values are always 0.



      public function OSMFPlayer(preloader:Preloader)


           _stage.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onEnterFrame);




      private function onEnterFrame(event:Event = null):void

           debugger.send("TRACE", "bitrateRequested", player.getBitrateForDynamicStreamIndex(player.currentDynamicStreamIndex));

           debugger.send("TRACE", "bitrateRecieved", player.bytesLoaded);
           debugger.send("TRACE", "totalBytes", player.bytesTotal);

           debugger.send("TRACE", "bufferSize", player.bufferLength);




      *getBitrateForDynamicStreamIndex and bufferLength both return correct values in the dynamic streaming case


      Is there some different function I need to use when using dynamic streaming?