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    Panasonic HDC-SD707 1080/50p & Premiere CS5?


      Hey there i really need some help!


      I got me a new Panasonic HDC-SD707 and till yesterday i always shot at 1080i/25...

      but finally i wanted to shot in 1080/50p since this is the future and the reason you need this cam^^ (says panasonic) and progressiv got these nice details!




      so i went out and filmed some stuff at 1080/50p... put the files on my mac (via clipwrap)... and then i saw the problem!

      quicktime play the files but not really smooth. sometimes the picture moves way to fast, then it slows down, then it plays at normal speed, fast,normal,slow.... and so on.


      so i started premiere cs5...

      and here are my questions!


      1. first of all there is no such preset for 1080/50p... am i blind? or isn't it there? and if it's not there... why?

      2. i tried a lot but premiere also doesn't play the files right... i also tried to use the ".mts" files straight from my cam but it's the same problem... is there anything special i have to do?

      3. is it possible that it is impossible to use the files recorded at 1080/50p and i need to stick with 1080i/25?


      I hope someone can help and my english is good enough to get the problem...

      I would really love some help because i'm just getting into video and don't know how to fix this problem on my own!


      Thanks in advance :-)