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    CFC Error Message

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      Am using Dreamweaver 8 and CF MX 7. All the CFCs I've created were created manually, not using Dreamweaver. I then copy the CFC, and modify it as needed for other applications in different folders. But all apps are part of the same SITE.

      However, when I click IN and OUT of a template that contains a CFINVOKE to a CFC, I get a quick pop-up message that says:
      "The required component could not be found at the specified location." I just click OK, the message goes away. The programs and templates work fine. I probably have a dozen report forms that INVOKE a CFC (all in the same site) but I did not create any of the CFCs in Dreamweaver, just coded them manually.

      Is there some way to get rid of this message? Or is this normal when you DON'T create the CFC with Dreamweaver? When I click on APPLICATIONS/COMPONENTS, it tells me "THERE ARE NO CFCs DEFINED IN THE CURRENT SITE." But they are there, and I'm using them.

      I'd like to (but not totally necessary) inspect/modify the CFCs in Dreamweaver. But it tells me the first thing I need to do is "CREATE A SITE FOR THIS FILE", followed by the other 3 instructions related to DOCUMENT TYPE, TESTING SERVER, and RDS LOGIN.

      I've already created the site in Dreamweaver. So I guess the question is: "HOW DO YOU -ADD- A CFC, SO YOU CAN WORK WITH IT IN DREAMWEAVER, WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY CREATED THE SITE? Every time I experiment, Dreamweaver seems to always want me to create a SITE. But my application has been using the same "site" for 5 years, it's already created. So not sure what is wrong.

      Would appreciate any advice on either how to get rid of the error message, or how to ADD a CFC created manually to Dreamweaver when you've already created the site. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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          Check out the Dreamweaver 8 Help section: Viewing ColdFusion components in Dreamweaver

          Your problem might be simply this:


          If the current site is listed in a virtual folder on the remote server, the filtering does not work.

          I moved my site from a virtual folder and now the CFCs show up!

          Hope this helps.

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            Gary1 Level 1
            Thanks for the response. Glad you found a way to get your CFCs to show up in Dreamweaver. However, I need to keep my site in a virtual folder, so that I know the web server is working correctly. Otherwise, I would be using "hard coded" URLs to run/test my CFM files. It's important for my "development" environment to mimic the production environment (production server also has site in virtual folder) to be certain that programs that run fine on "development", run fine on "production."

            So I guess the million dollar question is: Is there some way to get Dreamweaver to recognize CFCs located in sites where the site root is in a virtual folder?

            I may have better luck getting the answer on the Dreamweaver forum. But maybe someone here might now. Many thanks again for getting back. Good luck with your CF development.