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    Native 5DMKII footage plays back jerky in timeline please help


      I have a brand new PC laptop, quad core 64bit, i7 with 8gig ram. Heaps of power.


      When we place raw 5DMKII video files straight from camera onto the correctly matched DSLR timeline in CS5, the footage plays back jerky as anything! If we play it back at 20% and at a low resolution the video plays ok, but this is not acceptable as we want to edit at 100% on an external monitor.


      The laptop has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD5605 graphics card. Since this isn't the fanciest card I thought this may be the issue but according to this post (http://forums.adobe.com/message/2776510#2776510http://forums.adobe.com/message/2776510#277 6510)  decompressing and hard bits of these highly compressed files is handled by the CPU not the GPU and our CPU is more than powerful enough. Am I wrong here? I have been getting lost with all this CUDA nonsense.


      We have alternative work-arounds such as converting the footage using neoscene, BUT I STILL want to know WHY it isn't working on the current setup. And if anyone can help me on what we could do to get it to work without converting the footage. The appeal to us is editing raw 5dmkII files. 


      P.S. yes the framerates match and the timeline has the correct settings. The files are on the laptop harddrive and the laptop is clean except for CS5 installed and the latest quicktime.

      Thanks in advance guys.