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    rotate 1 image around another


      i have searched for hours (maybe i just have no clue what to actually search for) and i have found nothing


      i have 2 images, a logo and a flattened text image(also have the layered PSD too), and i want to revolve the text image around the logo but have no clue how to get this effect. any help would be great. thanks

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          bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

          You need to understand anchor points.

          Image One is stable in the center of your comp.

          Image Two will move around Image One by following a circle. The circle will have a circumference and a center. The center of the circle is the anchor point of IMage Two and is also the center of Image One. Position Image two on the circumference of the circle you want it to follow. Adjust the anchor point of image Two to be at the exact center of Image One, the exact center of the circle. Apply rotation.


          This is only one way to accomplish this task. Another is to draw a circle as  mask in a blank layer and use the mask as the motion path. You can also use a null object as the parent of Image Two and rotate the null.


          Keeping the boject oriented is not part of your original question and that's another lesson or two.