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    Using CSV motion capture data

      Hey guys,

      Just wondering if you could help me out. I am an intern working with a  company and they have sent me the footage along with the motion capture  3d info via .csv file which of course opens like a spreadsheet.  Basically that data is so I can use to place graphics in 3d space.  Anyway I have tried several things including trying copying and pasting  the data to a camera, like mocha, to a layer, and to a null and nada! I  also scoured the web and nothing! And once I import it does it attach to  the camera or the layer that I'm working with. Thanks guys!
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          3d info via .csv file which of course opens like a spreadsheet.


          If it's 3D data, it's probly in metric units and thus mostly useless - that is without using a script to parse and scale it accordingly. Depending on what they used, you may want to have them create a dedicated AE export, which is possible using scripts and plug-ins in many 3D programs. If they are able to generate a Collada file, this plug-in might be of interest as might be things like RPF or Maya scene import. as for import via Excel, you may simply require to correctly adjust the headere and of course also multiply the values to make sense which is explained in the Chris and trish Meyer books, several articles of which are also linked from the AE help.