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    embeding problem

    san00001 Level 1
      hw can i embed an image in the newproject node of the following code.pls help me
      public var iconSymbol1:Class;
      public var iconSymbol2:Class;
      public var iconSymbol3:Class;
      private var counter:int= new int(1);
      private var project:XML =
      <newproject title="Project" code="400" >


      private var projectData:XMLListCollection = new XMLListCollection(project.newproject);

      private function treeLabel(item:Object):String
      var node:XML = XML(item);
      if( node.localName() == "newproject" )
      return node.@title;
      return node.@name;

      private function addProject(i:int):void
      var newNode:XML= new XML();
      var prj:XMLList= new XMLList();

      newNode = <newproject ><item name="Glossary" icon="iconSymbol2" Spacer="110" /><item name="Actor List" icon="iconSymbol2"/><item name="Reqirement" icon="iconSymbol2"/></newproject>;
      newNode.@title = "New Project "+counter+" [unsaved]";
      prj =project.newproject.(@title == "Project");
      if( prj.length() > 0 )