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    Skinning Components using Flash assets?

    foolish3737 Level 1

      I'm trying to learn how to skin components using assets that I designed and laid out in Flash. I was quite comfortable with the Flex 3 / MX method of skinning but I'm now trying to push myself into the new Flash Builder / Spark way of doing things. I'm lacking info on the best way to go about things though.


      Most tutorials I see are based on Illustrator or Photoshop design integration. I've tried to use Flash Catalyst but it seems that I can't utilize specific assets built within Catalyst and inject them into my existing Flash Builder application (unless I'm wrong?).


      Ultimately, what I'd like to be able to do is to design my elements in Flash, import it into Flash Catalyst, set up specific buttons and components and then import them into Flash Builder as individual SparkSkin elements and then assign those elements to components within my application. I don't want to use Flash Catalyst to build and lay out the entire project. I just want it for building out individual components. I'd rather lay out the Flash Builder project on my own.


      So here are my questions...


      Is it possible to set up individual components within Flash Catalyst and import them into Flash Builder as SparkSkins? If so, how?


      How can I design an asset within Flash (for example, a big graphic that is a background element) and then apply it as a SparkSkin?


      How can I keep the Slice 9 properties of an element that I designed in Flash?


      If I'm just not "getting it" feel free to let me know!

      Any tutorials or resources would be greatly appreciated!