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    ADG Label Function and ArrayCollection Update


      I am using ADG which has labelFunction for few columns. Data Provider is ArrayCollection which has objects and top level objects have children objects. ( Thats why i need to use label Function to get the data from children and display it).

      My ArrayCollection data provider is like this:

      Obj1( this has children obj1a, obj1b,obj1c)

      Obj2 ( this has children obj2a, obj2b,obj2c)

      Obj3 ( this has children obj3a, obj3b,obj3c)


      When ever there is a change in the obj1b , I get the parent object which is Obj1 and call



      This makes labelFunction to get hit. But Problem is it gets hit for each row and each column.

      There is no update in Obj2 but still labelFunction gets called. Why it needs to call labelFunction again for Obj2?


      Is there a better way to update just one row , one colum ?