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    URGENT: strange rendering issue

    krimco1 Level 1

      Hi all,


      So I'm having the weirdest issue when I try to render out a graphic in Hi-res.  I've already done it in low-res(draft settings) and it looked fine.  But now in hi-res (best settings) I get the same issue every time:


      The rendered file suddenly gets darker at the same frame.  There is no key frame of any kind on this frame but this happens in all my comps for this project and it happens 2 frames after a specific key frame.  That key frame is a simple 0% scale key frame for an AI file.  10 frame later there is another one for 100%.


      Things I've tried and have failed:

      - reinstalling AE5

      - installing AE5 on a new machine

      - turning off the layer with the keyframe described above

      - rendering in Animation codec

      - rendering in Prores 422 codec

      - turning off motion blurring

      - deleting all other comps in the project and saving as a new project with just one of the problem comps

      - tried another low-rex (draft settings) render - still doesn't do the same issue


      Please help!  This is for gfx for a show that I have to deliver tonight!  Thanks!

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          Butch2oc Level 1

          The rendered file suddenly gets darker at the same frame


          Does this mean when you are bringing it back in to FCP you see the difference?

          I assume it is because you talk about rendering.

          If it is... then...

          We have found a 10% gamma shift when going to and from AE. with prores

          If we rendered with an alpha you didnt get the shift.

          When rendered as a "none" compression .mov ... no gamma shift

          we are still testing out things here but the imbedded colour space that travels with the file seams to be the issue.

          just remember that all codecs use some form of compression and have to look at, and convert colour spaces etc.

          The best so called uncompressed setting is a "none" compression .mov. That's why you get large file sizes. All codecs

          are designed to reduce size and thererfore make things go faster. It sounds like you already know this but as you have only tried

          prores and animation codecs I thought I'd mention it. Hope this helps.


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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Simple answer: You are using an effect or layer style and because a scale of 0% = no visible pixels and the effect effectively not being rendered, it suddenly pops on with any value greater than zero. So the only logical thing to do is in fact to animate the opacity of the layer or effect in unison with the scale).