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    get width of an element


      I'm trying to get width of a group element which is dynamically changing with multitouch resizing by user, then if width goes over than 600 a border container should be visible which is currently invisible. how can i do this with event listeners?


      Thanks in advance.

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          pradeep reddy Level 1




          try this (element).measuredWidth;



          Hope this will help you..!





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            AhmedCogenli Level 1

            That might work but I am not sure how to implement this to the element,


            here are the two elements;


                <s:Group id="group" width="400" height="400" x="173" y="123">
                    <mx:Image source="assets/ogo.png" width="295" height="294"/>
                <s:BorderContainer id="panel" visible="false" width="100" height="300" x="820" y="500" backgroundColor="#FFFFFF">
                    <s:Button label="test"/>      

            Once group's width goes over 600 panel will be visible and vice-versa.