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    Support for Arabic in Flash Builder


      I'm happy that Flash supports Arabic now. Previously there were problems with that.This is the reason why I didn't learn Flash. Now that it supports it I'm getting familiar with the technology related and I regard it as my first serious attempt to become a real developer. I have tried all the technologies available like PHP, ASP.NET, Java..etc. but I have found that only in Flex / ColdFusion all the three criteria that I was looking for where available: Both are easy to learn, powerful, and beautiful in things regarding UI and design.


      Now in Flash Builder 4, although I can write Arabic and some RTL options availabe, I still have problems with the Flash components:


      For example the arrow button of the DropDownList is on the right, but if I want to create an Arabic Flash application it should be on the left. The same for CheckBox, RadioButton, List, and other Components.


      Is there a way how to fix that? Or do RTL developers have to wait for coming versions until this is available. I dislike Microsoft but they are strong in one thing: Language support. If Adobe becomes better in that, it would rule the developer world.