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    Webengine edit_field question

    larrycook99 Level 1

      I am trying to use an "edit_field" in my webengine UI. The default color  for the input is black. I want to change it to a different color and  supposedly the "text_color" property is supposed to do that but it is  not for me. What I have is:


         f:row {


                     fill_horizontal  = 1,


                     spacing = f:label_spacing(),


                     f:static_text  {


                        place_horizontal = 0.15,


                        title  = "Test Numeric Input Field",


                        text_color =  LrColor("light gray"),




                     f:edit_field   {


                        place_horizontal = 0.95,


                        value  = bind "metadata.groupTest.value",


                        min = 1,


                        max  = 100,


                        precision = 0,


                        width_in_digits  = 3,


                        alignment = 'right',


                        text_color  = LrColor("light gray"),






      "text_color"  works in changing the color of the text in the "static_text" but does  nothing for the "edit_field" text. Why not? Isn't it supposed to? All of  the other properties for the "edit_field" work as I expect except  "text_color". Can someone explain why or what I might be doing wrong?


      (Yes, this was also posted in Lightroom Forums. Hopefully somebody will see it and answer it.)