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    data lists and photo galleries

    esens01 Level 1

      hey there!


      i have a few questions about data lists..


      1.) is it possible to somehow program the left and right buttons (arrows) from the scrollbars to act as normal buttons (i don't want the user to click on them to switch from item to item, i want to make them act like a thumb taking you through the track but with mouse over, and then stop when mouse moves out)


      2.) i also want to make a horizontal photo gallery with the data list. let's say i have 10 photos in the horizontally aligned data list, but they're not the same size.. some of them are horizontal and some vertical. but if i make the first repeated item as a picture of lets say 900x600 px, all the others that FC generates (or the ones i can generate) are of the same size. then when i want to put a vertical photo next to those horizontal ones, it goes out of boundaries because it's not 900x600 px. so i'm wondering is there an easy way to put both sizes in one data list inside FC or how to do it? i'm just looking for the easiest way to make galleries on horizontal scroll width both horizontal and vertical photos (900x600 px and 400x600 px)





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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Here are two tutorials that cover most of what you're talking about.


          1. Scrolling on Mouse-Over

          2. Data List Image Gallery


          For the scaling problem, you will probably need to pad your images so that they are all the same size, or at least have the same aspect ratio.



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            esens01 Level 1

            thanx for the suggestions Bear!


            1. i just cancelled that because i wanted it to go smoothly, but i guess its not possible to set it up like that..

            2. the only thing i could do was to put all the photos on one layer in photoshop and then import them as a data list consisting of that one looong photo to scroll.. the only problem is that the maximum width of the photo FC can take is around 3000 px and a lot of them are longer than that so i had to cut a lot of stuff out.. but it's working fine..