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    Facing pages opposite of the hard copy (i.e. 19<-->20, but in hard copy it's 18<-->19)


      My laptop's running version 9.3.3 of Adobe Acrobat Reader. I'm looking at the PDF of the manual supplied with my new DSLR. The printed manual (supplied with the camera) has facing pages, of course. I'm looking at page 18 and 19 right now, facing pages. The default view in AAR is single page, and I want to see facing pages because they are set up in the manual to be complimentary. IOW, page 18 makes more sense if you can see page 19 next to it. In AAR's View menu, there's an item [B]Page Display[/B] and in its submenu are [B]Two Up[/B] and [B]Two Up Continuous[/B]. The thing is that AAR has page 17 opposite page 18, then page 19 opposite page 20, but that's all wrong. That's the opposite of how it is in the printed manual.  :rolleyes:  I don't see a way to make the correct pairing happen. Is there some way I can do that?