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    Receiving "Fatal Error" message when attempting to burn BluRay


      I have completed a BluRay project and am trying to burn to a BluRay.  The process goes fine until it starts the burn process.  The project is about 19g and I am ttrying to burn to a 25g bluray BD-R.  It takes about 6 hours to go through the process.  When the progress meter shows 100%, it goes into the burn process and after only a few minutes, I receive a "Fatal Error" message and that's it, no further messages and nothing written to the bluray.  I end up clicking on the "cancel" button which takes me back to the project.


      Running Elements 7.0 on Windows 7 with plenty of horsepower.  Can give specifics if someone thinks that could be the problem.  Is there a way to burn the HD project to the computer and then use other software to burn to my Bluray internal burner??