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    Creating Dynamic Lead


      I strolled across something neat on a radio website http://www.wlqt.com and I really like how they do the flash on the top left. Below is the link to the actual SWF for bigger so that you can see what the SWF looks like. on the link above, you can move your mouse over the squares and it pops up a little window. You can even click on that. Here is the link to the SWF. http://wlqt.com/cc-common/templates/dynamiclead2/dynamic_lead.swf


      I looked in the coding, and saw how the mouse over worked,

      I thought that was interesting, and I really liked the SWF. I've been wanting something like that for my personal website, so that I can display advertisements. Can someone please help me with this. I am relatively new at flash.