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    Unsubscribing from Feeds

    Iakov Qvaz Level 1

      Marc Eamon,


      Unsubscribing from feeds doesn't and has never worked.  Are there any plans to resolve this or have you moved on to something else?

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          meaman Adobe Employee

          Hello Iakov,


          You can unsubscribe form feeds via a web browser:



          Cheers – Marc

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            Iakov Qvaz Level 1

            There are about 40 feeds under my RSS Feeds in Cafe; most of which were subscribed by default.  I did not add them.  One can right-click a feed and select Unsubscribe, but the deleted fed returns upon the next refresh of the RSS feeds, which was why I came here two months ago, and again, last week to seek help about how to PERMANENTLY unsubscribe from a feed.


            The link you provided does nothing to help me.  I logged in to the Web interface and there is nothing there to unscubscribe.  This has gone from frustrating to extremely frustrating.


            Is there a SIMPLE procedure to unsubscribe from feeds?



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              t lui

              Some background info about the RSS Sharefire reader in Cafe:


              When a feed is removed from the RSS reader, this is saved on the user's local machine and will not appear again.

              If a user does not have write permissions to his local machine's "Documents and Settings" folder, then Cafe preferences cannot be saved and the deleted feeds will reappear upon the next start of Cafe, which may be a possible cause of the problem.

              Conversely, if a feed is added by a user, this is saved and will reappear when Cafe loads again.

              Also, if a user moves to another machine, then his saved preference of hiding certain feeds will not be there since these preferences are saved locally to a specific machine.


              Iakov, try resetting the Sharefire RSS reader's preferences by deleting this folder:

              C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\EnterpriseCafe.E7BED6E5DDA59983786DD72EBFA46B1598278E07.1\Local Store\#SharedObjects\plugins\ShareFirePluginDescriptor.swf


              Or, simply delete all saved Cafe preferences by deleting all "EnterpriseCafe" folders under:

              C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\

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                Iakov Qvaz Level 1

                t lui,


                I am on OS X 10.6 and have local Administrator rights.  Unsubscribe never worked in LiveCycle cafe, but I upgraded to Enterprise Cafe today and all is well.  Thank you.