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    Place, not load, external swf onto stage

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      I have made many small swf files for each section of my website. The problem is now I want to club them all together to avoid breaks and showing of the loader at inappropriate moments, I know that was poor planning on my part. I want to know I can place an external swf onto the stage, so that it gets loaded with the main swf. As in, I don't want to call a loadMovie or loadClip, I want it to get placed on the stage like an internal movieclip. Is that possible???

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If the swf you want to place has no actionscript in it, you can treat it like a movieclip.  Otherwise, you will lose all the actionscript in it when you import it. into the library.  To retain the actionscript and still place it in the stage you would have to copy the timeline of the fla that made the swf and place that in a movieclip in the other file.

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