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    What software is required for running Flex?


      For flash to run on a webserver, we just need to place the .swf file on to the web server. No install required at the web server.


      How about Flex? do we need to install a specific webserver? is there a server side coding or to run a ISAPI filter for windows? Insights would be appreciated?


      Also for a developer what will be required to start of Flex development? Do we need to buy software from Adobe? or is it just a Scripting language that we can run on any windows pc?





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          RUSH-ME Level 3



          Only flash player is required to run a flex projectand also flash project. Flex project also generates *.swf file.


          To develop flex project you need flex SDK which is free of cost and open source. You can use Flash builder to build project or you can use any editor to write your code and compile it using flex compiler which comes with SDK.


          Server is only required if you want to connect to database.


          Hope this helps


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            rootsounds Level 4

            There is no special server required. You simply drop the compiled swf file onto whatever server you are running.


            Think of Flex as the client-side UI. Generally you communicate with some sort of server-side code through standard services such as SOAP or REST. It can does this directly or you can route through JavaScript for another layer of maintainability (so you don't necessarily have to recompile if something on the server-side changes).


            The Flex SDK is a free, opensource project:



            Adobe of course offers their own pay IDE for it which is Flash Builder 4 (formerly Flex Builder). It is an Eclipse-based standalone or plugin. However, it is of course not required and you can easily get by without it.You can use any text editor, but in terms of a free the strongest option is FlashDevelop which is opensource and runs on .NET. There are free plugins for Eclipse and NetBeans, but they are very weak.


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              ssardar Level 1

              If you are new to Flex and Time is of the essence for your current project.  I would highly reccomend getting the FlexBuilder IDE.


              No I don't work for Adobe.