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    Is this a data list photo gallery?

    iptinak Level 1

      http://www.heathrowe.com/other/fc2/main.html (click to the gallery page)


      Someone posted this in the show your Catylst project thread. Is this done with the Data list method? It's late, and I am beat, but I can't seem to get rollover functionality in my thumbnails. Except to fade it out from whatever opacity it starts at.


      Is there a way to change the start point of a page, or can you just control the transitions of things as they apear differently from you start page to the final end point on the finish page/state? Does that make sense or am I too exauhsted to make sense anymore? Guess I'll see in the AM when I get up and re-read this looking to see if anyone responded.

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          esens01 Level 1

          i don't know if you still need the answers, but if you do, i hope this helps.


          i'm not sure if the gallery in this example is a data list (if you're talking about the thumbs..), but i did the same thing just putting up the buttons and aligning them and giving them some attributes on rollover etc. it's an even easier way than doing a data list for something simple like that.


          to change the start point of a page you need to do one "blank page" before your first homepage (or a duplicate) and then in the transition between them asign the items on your homepage different transitions.. on that "zero" page you can also move some items out of the box and give them a move transition to the homepage etc.


          hope it helped!





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            Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3

            I agree with Jalena.  This looks like a series of thumbnails as buttons. 


            There is a thread here (http://forums.adobe.com/message/3027947#3027947) that shows an example thumbnail/gallery using images in a datalist.