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    Flash template and flash player


      Hi, I have a flash template that I purchased, my question is is there a  way to edit the flv commands ? right now the flash video that insert is  automatically small 320x240 inside of this pre built template, even  though I encoded my video in adobe media encoder as 720x396 and that is  the size I want it to playback at how can I get it to play back at that  size ? (720x396)

      this is the html line of the template

      <dat thumb="dat/Images/Folio/thumb1.jpg" title="Tilte1" des="voluptatem accusantium" flvPath="dat/Videos/resturant1.flv"/>

      what does that flvpath= do ? can I alter that ?


      myabe I cannot change what size it plays back because that is inside of the action script ??