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    Flex forms in LC ES2


      Hi guys ..


                I have hands on experience in adobe LC 7.x, ES and ES2. So far i was using xdp and pdf in the workflow. Now designing the new forms in flex (flex builder 3.0). I have created new flex and started to put in use in adobe workspace ES2. I have a requirement of reading external .xml file from the flex form - it is working fine when it is run through the flex builder but when the flex form is uploaded and seen in workspace ES2, the code does not function (doesnt read the data from the xml file). Can you guess why this is so .? I expect an immediate help from you guys .. Here is the below code how i read the xml <mx:HTTPService id="srv" url="C:\BC_Config\BC_XML_Config.xml"
      > resultFormat="e4x">
      >       </mx:HTTPService>
      Thanks - Balaji Gurumurthy