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    Action Script Help Please

      I am trying to figure out the proper verbage for this. If I want to have a button gotoAndPlay "home" but then immediately after, without stopping, gotoAndPlay something else, What is the code for that?

      on (press) {
      gotoAndPlay ("home");
      [what do I put in next to make it go play something else without pausing?]

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          funkysoul Level 4
          You need to see that task with different eyes, as soon as the script reaches the gotoandplay line, the playhead will jump instantly to that location and you need to write the next jump on that home frame.
          Why don't you rather set a variable saying where it should go after home like:

          var nextGoTo = xxx;

          and on your home frame you have an case statement runnning checking which variable you activated so it will jump directly to it.

          If you don't undestand what I mean with it, you can send me the fla file and I will show you how to create it.