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    Problem with Audio when exporting to Quicktime

    VX967 Level 1

      I'm running a trial of Adobe Flash CS5 on a Windows PC. I used audio [set to Stream] in the project. The original audio was recorded in 16 bit and 44kHz using Cubase LE4, and was exported in [.wav] format. It works fine and plays back normally when I try 'Test Scene' or 'Test Movie' within Flash. However, the export isn't working right.


      I exported the movie into Quicktime format [.mov]. I set the export audio to 16 bit and 44kHz, which was the same rate that the original sound was recorded in. No matter which audio compression I use, [or without compression at all], the final Quicktime file sounds like it is 8 bit, and the quality is greatly reduced. Just to experiment, I tried exporting with 8 bit audio- at this setting the movie played back with even worse audio quality [and a considerable amount of static], and I am assuming that it has been reduced to 4 bit.


      For some reason, Flash must be cutting the bit rate in half, no matter what settings I use. Does anyone know how to solve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.