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    Where are user-created Flash CS4 templates stored?


      This seems like it should be MUCH simpler than it is turning out to be:


      I have made a custom template in Flash CS4.

      I want to share it with a colleague.

      The obvious solution, I would think, would be to COPY the template file from my hard drive, and provide it to my colleague.


      However, I have looked high and low, and CANNOT FIND WHERE USER TEMPLATES ARE STORED on my hard drive.  I have found the Adobe-provided templates that are included with the product (the "Advertising" templates) at Program Files>Adobe>Adobe Flash CS4>en>Configuration>Templates>Advertising; but MY CUSTOM TEMPLATES are not in the Templates directory.


      I have also looked in My Documents, and run several searches on my hard drive, but still cannot find the location of my custom templates.  Surely they are SOMEPLACE on my hard drive, as they are available from the Splash page every time I boot up Flash CS4.


      PLEASE, O PLEASE, Adobe, reveal this great secret.  I have also scoured your databases and user forums, but apparently I am the only person interested in simplified workflow vis-a-vis sharing custom templates.